The Co-Curricular Program at Tanapag Elementary School (TES) is first and foremost a supplemental program to enhance and strengthen core curricular subjects.  The co-curricular activities serve to further enlighten the physical and mental well being of the students by reinforcing self discipline, positive self image, social skills, and traditional family valuees.  These programs broaden students' educational and personal horizons, giving them the opportunity to work with their peers, teachers, and positive adult role models from the community.

Tanapag Elementary School Student Council
It is an opportunity for all students at TES to voice their opinions concerns, and ideas about and for their school through upper grades representatives.  The group performs school and community projects under the guidance of the teacher as well as practices participatory democratic practices and principles.

Tanapag Library Read Around the World
A program sponsored by he library that promotes student / parent reading for enjoying at home.  It encourages the study of geography, appreciation for cultural diversity and Core Curricular classroom activities.

Drug Free Club - Tanapag Elementary
The TES Drug Free club helps students protect themselves from the dangers of drug abuse, and the pressures that can lead to this abuse.  Through training, workshops and group discussions, student members are taught how to be responsible, how to make the right decisions, and how to stand firm on their decisions.  Members also help other students by sharing their ideas and experiences, and by providing leadership through example.

Club Scouts Pack 910 - Tanapag Elementary
Members of the Cub Scouts of America at TES are sponsored by the Saipan Rotary Club.  Boys from 2nd to 5th grade meet weekly with their Cub master or Den leader to participate in activities to promote scouting and leadership skills.

Girl Scouts - Tanapag Elementary
This is an informal education program designed to help girls put into practice the fundamental principals of the Girls Scout movement as set forth in preamble.  It is carried out in small groups stressing leadership, and provides a wide range of activities developed around the interests and needs of the girls.

Tenda Store - Tanapag Elementary School
A retail store run by students and a teacher with proceeds going toward classroom supplies, teacher resources and other school needs.  Students apply their math concepts, handle money, create and maintain inventory, practice the service concept.

Positive Action Program
It is a school climate program where classsroom lessons are integrated with school activities and parental involvement to build a positive environment throughout the school.  Positive Action teaches positive, real life concepts which help students feel good about themselves.  A monthly school assembly is held to highlight self-esteem building principles and to give awards to students who exemplify the Positive Action attitude.

Young Author's Book Fair
TES encourages and supports student participation in this annual island-wide book fair.  The book fair gives students the opportunity to express themselves through reading and writing; developing their creativity and artistic skills.  Students publish their booklets and display them in the central public library over a month once a year for their peers and the community.

Junior Archievement (JA) Business Basics
A learning by doing program for elementary and high school students.  Students establish a business and receive advice from business leaders in the community.  Elementary level students (4th/5th/6th Grades) follow a four week curriculum called Business Basics that leads into more complex market and free enterprise concepts and the junior high level.  A community member and a teacher team up to presend the basics of economic activity in the area of livelihood.

National Geographic Society Geography Bee
The National Geographic Society developed the National Geography Bee as a nationwide competition starting at the school level.  TES has one winner that advances to the state / territory or commonwealth level.  The one winner each state, territory or commonwealth competition then advances to the national competition held in Washington D.C.  The National Geography Bee excites young people, motivating them to study geography.

Sports Program (After School)
After-school sports program in which students learn sportsmanship, develop a cooperative / competitive spirit, and teamwork.  Students compete with other elementary schools from all over the island

Flag Football (boys)
Softball (girls)
Basketball (boys)
Soccer (girls)
Cross Country (boys)
Track and Field (boys & girls)
Cheer Leading (girls)
Volleyball (girls)
All School Swim Meet (boys & girls)

All School Performing Arts Festival
The Performing Arts Festival is a festival that covers several evenings where all the schools in the CNMI (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota) compete by grade level in singing (solo and group), playing intrument etc.  There are criteria set for judging each performance based on uniqueness, originality etc.

PSS Arts Exhibit / Competition
This is a competition of the visual arts. It includes painting, drawings, 3-D art, sculpture etc.  This competition is judged according to grade levels and criteria set by the judges.

PSS Science Fair
TES encourages students to participate in the Science Fair to develop projects that demonstrate their knowledge of scientifica processes and principles.  The students are given the opportunity to use their creativity, interest and scientific skills in the area of science.  Parents and community leaders act as judges to encourage the students and to show support.  Classroom displays of projects are made for sharing and judging.  The award winner are put into the PSS Island-Wide level competition.

PSS Math Olympiad
It is a mathematics program for 4th to 6th grades to promote interests and excellence in the subject.  Members of the Math Olympiad are exposed to a healthy competitive atmosphere where their decision making skills and subject mastery are tested and enhanced for school competitions.  Seclected members comepte with other schools in the Island-Wide Math Olympiad competition.

World HIV / Aids Awareness Day
A poetry, essay, and poster competition to educate students and the community about HIV / AIDS.  This includes a parade at the island center, awards and recognition, and other educational activities at Garapan Elementary School.

4-H Club - Extension program from NMC Land Grant Program
It's purpose is to provide opportunity for students to learn more about the application of local agriculture techniques and practices for the benefit of families and households, as well as practices within home economics to better living standards, and other topics through group and individual activities.

Halloween Festival and Parade
To promote fun and camaraderie through a fund-raiser for TES.  The students enjoy a costume parade, games, videos and other activities.

Christmas Program Festival
To unite the village in the spirit of love and harmony during the Christmas season.  It is an all school activity that embraces the community with entertainment provided by each class followed with a pot luck dinner.

Carolinian Dancers - Onegetan Utt Dancers
This program was conceived and is implemented by Carolinians in the community to share their culture and language through dance, food, and story telling, so other cultures of the community can better understand their uniqueness as a Pacific Island people.  Students learn from adults and formal sessions are video taped at the local cable studio for broadcast to the community and posterity.

Annual Japan Student Culture Exchange Week
Each year during the months of December through March Japan schools traditionally take their students and staff on a large ship cruise to Saipan and Guam.  Coordinated by the Marianas Visitors Bureau staff, there are several days of activities in which Tanapag 4th/5th/6th Grade students, parents and teacher meet Japanese students, parents and teachers at the ship and at various island sports sites.  Gifts and addresses are exchanged and communication between the islands begins and often carries on over several years.  This exchange promotes a world cultural awareness and sensitivity to others while stressing the need for communication tool acquisition and practice.



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