Oleai Elementary School is guided by a far-reaching educational vision for our school and community: to provide ALL children a rainbow of opportunities to become positive lifelong learners in a nurturing environment where dignity and self-worth are preserved.

Oleai Elementary School believes in providing a rainbow of equal opportunities through collaborative efforts toward a holistic development for ALL children to become lifelong learners in the real world.

Our children are our most important resource.

All children can learn.

Learning is a life-long process.
Cultural diversity can become one of the school's strengths.
Our strongest partners in education are the parents of the community.
In collaboration with the parents and the community we can attain and maintain quality education for our children.

Goals & Objectives
Our goals and objectives emanate from the CNMI Public School System's philosophy of educaiton: to develop the maximum potential of ALL children to become responsive and productive citizens. The school and the community, through collaborative efforts and commitments, have set these goals and objectives as the guidelines for its instructional leadership.
Our goal is to provide and maintain a conducive learning environment that will give ALL children equal rights, opportunities, and challenges to:
Build, maintain, and preserve positive self-esteem, dignity and self-respect;

Become responsible, creative and independent learners in a highly technological society;

Take pride in one's heritage and cultural identity;

Demonstrate respect and appreciation for cultural diversity;

Take responsible risks and make sound decisions;

Assume responsibility to safeguard the environment;

Become analytical and critical thinkers;

Become civic-minded and productive citizens.