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International Thespian Society (Sr. & Jr.)

Grades 6 through 12


1.             No Troupe members may compete in the CNMI Thespian Competitions unless the Troupe’s dues are paid by EdTA’s Troupe Dues Renewal date. Evidence of payment needs to be available on or before the 1st CNMI Competition. Since that date is past for the School Year 2013-2014, the due date for the 2013-2014 School Year is January 15, 2014.

2.            Performance and presentation events offered at our CNMI Thespian Competition:

a.      Monologue, Duet Acting, Solo Musical Theatre, Group Musical Theatre, Costume Design, Set Design, and Film.  Group Musical Theatre, Costume Design, Set Design, and Film events are only offered to Senior Thespians.

b.      Each Student is permitted to participate in only two events at each CNMI Thespian Competition.

3.            Dead Pieces

a.      Pieces become “Dead” only after being performed at a CNMI Regional and/or National Individual Event Showcase (NIES) Competition. A piece that is “Dead” to a performer in JITS may be used when that performer moves up to compete in ITS.

b.      Any Group or Individual within a Group (including Duets) may not perform a piece that is “Dead" at any Competition. The Group, or any individual of the Group, may not perform that "Dead piece as long as any part of "the Group" exists. This does apply to the individuals performing the "Dead" piece on their own.  This also applies to ANY competition.

4.            Code and Registration Procedures

a.      Thespian Competitions will be following Coding and Registration procedures as determined by the Western Pacific Region Board (WPR).  The Coding and Registration procedures can be found on the “Quick Links” page of the WPR web site.

b.      Code and Registration Deadlines are listed on the WPR web site. They can be accessed through the Quick Links page under the section entitled “Competition and Event Schedule”.

5.            Competition Site Instructions and Procedures

a.      There may be only one person at a time with authority to represent a school at CNMI Thespian Competition events. Troupe directors have this authority. They may designate someone else to act in their stead (and then they would not have the authority to act unless and until they withdraw the designation). Notice of designations and terminations of designations must be made to the Chapter Director (Harold to take effect prospectively.

b.      Troupe Directors or their Designees must pick up a preliminary Matrix from Registration by 1:00pm to take attendance and mark “No Shows”.

                                                                                      i.      A “No Show” is someone who is NOT physically present at the time attendance is taken.

                                                                                    ii.      Late arriving, registered students will be removed from the “No Shows” list and inserted into the flights on a space available basis (Only 8 students are allowed in each flight).

c.       The Matrix provided to the Troupe Directors or their Designees must be returned to site Registration by 1:30pm so the Matrix Flights can be revisited.

d.      Troupe Directors or their Designees must instruct their students to fill out the Top of the Ballots provided at site registration.

e.      For Group events, only one Ballot needs to be filled out per group. All Names participating in the group must be on the Ballot

f.        All ITS Competitors in performance events [Monologue, Duet Acting, Solo Musical Theatre, Group Musical Theatre, will be required to bring photo copies (not hand written copies) of their sheet music and/or pieces, including a reference to the production it comes from on that copy, to ALL the competitions. This material is to be attached to the ballot so that the judge can reference them and insure compliance with ITS rules, regulations and practices as stipulated in the NIES Guide.

g.      Prior to the start of any thespian competition, the revised Matrix will be posted at the Registration Site. Students will be called by the Judges in Speaker Order as posted on THAT Matrix.

h.      Students are not to enter a competition room until a Judge is present.

i.        Competition will be tentatively scheduled to begin at 2:15pm.

6.            During the Competition, No recording of images is permitted.

7.            Judging and Scoring

a.      Specific Judging criteria and “National Individual Event Showcase Rules” are available to competitors, through their coaches, prior to the competitions. Coaches should contact the Thespian Chapter Director for copies at

b.      Our event Rules follow NIES Rules from Page 3 through Page 10 except as stated in the CNMI LOCAL RULES section of this document.

c.       Scoring of all the events will be by the Ballot system as provided by EdTA.

d.      In addition to that system, the Judges will rank 1st through 5th place.

8.            A Troupe Director, or their designee, can raise issues or complaints regarding the competition, on site or up to 24 hours after the release of the preliminary results.

9.            We hope that Troupe Directors recognize the benefit of having their students learn new   pieces and not to continuously repeat pieces they have already learned.




Group Musical Theatre


1.         The troupe director of a group must submit a roster to registration (one week prior to the event) before a group first competes.

2.      All members on the roster must attend the same school.

3.      A roster may consist of three to sixteen members.

4.      Troupe directors must identify groups by a unique group name and list of members.  Any subsequent roster drops may be made by troupe directors only.  Drops during the competition year must be made on or before registration (one week in advance) for the competition event. 

5.      Troupe directors may drop group members from the roster, and the roster count will change correspondingly.

6.      Students may not be on any two rosters at the same time.

7.      No more than fifty percent of the original roster group may be dropped during the competition year.

8.      At least half of the current roster or a minimum of 3 members, whichever is greater, must compete at any one competition.  When calculating half of the roster, the number must be rounded up if necessary to create a whole number (e.g. half of a roster of seven is four members).

9.      A maximum of 12 members on the group roster may compete at the CNMI Regional Competition.

10.  Any attempt to add or substitute members in a roster will result in all members being dropped from that roster (i.e. the group is disbanded).

11.  If a Group Musical Theatre group requires chairs and a table as permitted in the NIES rules, the Chapter Director or Designee must be notified one week in advance.

12.  Every group registered (and performing) in Group Musical Theatre, at their first competition, must submit to the Registrar during their first Registration Check-in, their photo ID and a photo copy of their photo ID (i.e.…School ID, Passport, Driver’s License, Mayor’s ID, Visa, etc…) for every member on their roster. A photograph of the group’s performance may be taken for the purpose of verifying the members’ identities.

13.  In Group Musical Theatre competitions, a single individual will be assigned by a Board member to check student member identities and to assist the judge(s) in maintaining appropriate audience behavior.

14.  In order to qualify for Regional’s in Group Musical Theatre, a student must have actually participated in at least two competitions with the group on whose roster he/she is listed, and meet all other CNMI Regional Competition qualifications.

15.  Students entered in both in Duet and Group events at the CNMI Regional Competitions read Rule #6 under THE REGIONAL COMPETITION section



Theatre Marketing


1.         Students must make a “mock-up” of the program.  The layout should contain fake picture(s)/silhouette(s) (or real) and blank/garbled (or real) text. (For bio(s), for director’s notes, cast list, acknowledgements, etc.)

2.         The program must specify:

a.       Space for advertisements (Measurements to be set by students)

                                                              i.      ___x__ inside front cover

                                                            ii.      ___x__ inside back cover

                                                          iii.      _ _x__ outside back cover

b.      Two pages for these (Measurements of each to be set by the student)

                                                              i.      _____ Full page ad

                                                            ii.      _____ Half page ad

                                                          iii.      _____ Quarter page ad

3.         Word Count for the Press Releases:

a.       Informational article-100 word minimum, no maximum

b.      Feature article -250 word minimum, no maximum

4.         Promotional ideas (tee shirts, pins, bookmarks, etc.) are up to the creativity of students.

5.         Students need to note: For every choice they make, they should also make sure it’s in their budget

6.         If possible, Judges will be provided a copy of the script for the show being used in the competition at least one (1) week in advance and  will be instructed that they are expected to be prepared (have at least read it) in order to “judge” the student’s (respective) work.




1. All General Policy Rules apply to the CNMI Regional Competition.

2. To qualify for Regional Competition a student must earn three 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th places/rankings or a combination of those in one specific event, over that school year.

3. In group events (DUO or Group Musical), the place/rankings

belong to the individual competing in the group and not the group as a whole.

4. Any Group ( DUO or Group Musical) must compete in at least two

event weekends and meet all other qualifications for the Regional  Competitions.

5. Multiple Event Entry

        a. A Student may enter up to two events in any CNMI competition.

        b. If they meet the qualifications for the CNMI Regional Competitions, they may enter in both of the events they qualified for.

c. For each student entered in two competition events at the CNMI Regional Competition the competitor must declare by a “single letter of intent” submitted before the CNMI  Regional Competition, which event s/he will choose should s/he win in both categories and meet NIES qualifications as set by the Educational Theatre Association EdTA.  (A master copy of this letter is available from the Chapter Director.)  However, the choices are limited as follows:

                        i. If a student wins as a member of a group in a group event that has met NIES qualifications as set by EdTA, the student must accept that event as his/her winning event. Any other student who partnered with the group student in the double win, will forfeit his/her eligibility in that duet event for competing at the NIES.

            ii. If a student wins as a member of a duet event that has met NIES qualifications as set by EdTA (and was not in a group event), the student must accept that event as his/her winning event.

            iii. If a student wins in two duet categories that has met NIES qualifications as set by EdTA, the choice will depend on the “single letter of intent.” The “single letter of intent” must be signed by all team members from both teams.

        iv. The team member of any duet team that is “broken” by a two-duet double-win member’s selection will NOT go on the trip.

6. At the Regional Competition, Competitors must bring with them proof that they have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, performance rights, or that such rights are not required.

7. Scoring for the School Year’s winner in a particular event:

        a. The student must win 1st place in a particular event and meet NIES qualifications as set by (EdTA).

b. Students may only compete in one event at the NIES. To the extent funds are available, the student(s) who win(s) at the CNMI Regional Competition, and meets NIES qualifications as set by the EdTA, will be selected for competition in the NIES.

c. Should a competitor win in more than one particular event in the overall CNMI Regional Competition, they may only win in one event and the alternate would then moves up in that event, provided they meet NIES qualifications as set by the EdTA

8. To qualify for National Independent Event Showcase (NIES) at the International Thespian Festival, entrants must receive an Overall Assessment rating of Accomplished (90 – 100).” (Quoted From The NIES Guide 2013-2014)



NOTE: Any Thespian student may attend the International Thespian festival at their own expense, provided they give sufficient advance notice to the Chapter Director to be included on the TWPI roster and provided they comply with rules and procedures determined by the Chapter Director.  Self-pay Thespians at the ITF may compete in NIES provided they have met NIES qualifications as set by EdTA.


The following will be sent to all Coaches:


1.     A Copy of the National Individual Event Showcase Guide – (Appendix 1)

2.     A Copy of the Ballots used at Competition – (Appendix 2 and 3)

3.     A sample filled out Ballot – (Appendix 4)