Code Instructions


The purpose of the Online Code Book is to allow Coaches to look-up their student codes. To access the online codebook: Click

(*) Click here to download a tutorial on how to access the Online Code Book.

(*) If the Coder or Registrar does not have access to the online codebook, they can request access by sending an email to with your name, school, and division.




1.  If you are not the Coder for your school, give the student’s name and grade level to your school’s Coder.


2.  If you are the Coder for your school:

a. Fill out the request for code form online. If you do not have the link to the form, you can request the link by sending an email to


b. Turn in the parental permission form to Ms. Dora Miura at SSHS room C104. Click here to download the permission form.


(*) NOTE: You must complete these steps 14 days before the event competition or your student(s) will not be eligible to compete in that competition.


Registration Instructions


This is for your school’s Registrar. If you are not the designated Registrar then give the information to your school’s Registrar.


1. Download and Save a Registration Form by clicking on your division (BELOW). Enter on that Downloaded and Saved Registration Form both your student’s code and their particular events (CODES ONLY-NO NAMES). Be sure you identify those who are on DUO or CHORAL SPEAKING Teams as instructed on the Registration Form:


NFL,       NJFL,      3-5,   K-2,    Senior Thespian,   Junior Thespian


a.     NFL registration: please type in the title of the pieces of events that requires published pieces.

b.     NFL registration: Students who are not Novices MUST enter a Qualifier (see the online rules for details) – while there is no limit on the number of events a students may enter, there are penalties if the student fails to compete in the events they enter (see the online rules for details).

c.      NJFL registration: Pattern A & B are now color coded on the registration form.

d.     NJFL registration: IF YOUR STUDENTS ARE NOT IN DEBATE THEY MAY ONLY ENTER THREE EVENTS. They may not enter more than two events in a Pattern. They must enter at least one event in each Pattern

e.      PGFC registration: STUDENTS MAY ENTER ONLY TWO EVENTS, this includes Choral Speaking and Duo

f.       THESPIAN registration: STUDENTS MAY ENTER ONLY TWO EVENTS, this includes Group Musical and Duet.

g.     Duo and/or Choral speaking teams should list the entire team together in Column A under student code and then put an “X” under the event.


2.  After you fill out the Downloaded and Saved Registration Form. Attach it to an email and send it to


3.  For Thespians: send the Registration Form to


4. Check your mailbox for a confirmation email from WPR that your Registration has been received.

*If you don’t receive a confirmation email from WPR after 2 working days, resend your registration again.


5. The initial registration form is due on the Friday of the week before the event weekend.


6. Changes to your Registration (Adds or Drops) should be made on your Registration Form (for your records) and then listed in an Email which should be sent to All changes (Adds or Drops) must be sent by the Wednesday before the event weekend.

*If you did not submit an initial registration form on Friday then there is nothing to add or drop.


7. After Wednesday we will only accept drops, because we need time to finalize our matrix and assign rooms.